Monday, July 21, 2014

Influenster product reviews: TLC VoxBox

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Influenster?! If not, I LOVE INFLUENSTER!

For creating a profile and taking short online surveys about things that interest me based on my current phase of life, I get chosen to receive FREE, full-size samples of products to review. How cool is that?! It seriously couldn't be easier.

I was recently chosen to receive the #TLCVoxBox, which is a group of products carefully selected for busy moms. This box was so awesome! Here are my impressions.

Avon Anew Reversalist Express Wrinkle Smoother
Okay, I've gotta admit that I'm not all up on the "I'm in my mid-20s, so I must stop all wrinkles in their tracks immediately" bandwagon. I'm of the view that wrinkles are a sign of overcoming life's obstacles successfully: every wrinkle, line, and dimple is the remnant of some emotion or expression that you have had. I enjoy aging and all the wisdom that comes with it. Anyway, I digress. Wrinkles or no wrinkles, between my ongoing allergy issues and chronic lack of sleep, I've got under-eye dark circles that could rival Muhammed Ali's. Fo' realz. This wrinkle-smoothing concealer is awesome! I steer clear of paying shipping when I can, so this is probably not something I'd ever order from Avon if I could help it. However, this compact should last me quite a while, and it's seriously clutch for those early Monday mornings when I look like I got run over by a semi in my sleep.

Overall recommendation: would recommend.

Breyers Gelato
Ummmm, YUM. That's about all I've got to say about that. I adore ice cream, and I was so impressed with the smooth, creamy texture and deliciously sweet flavor of my tub of Raspberry Cheesecake Breyers Gelato. Having a coupon to get it for free? Even better. It's ice cream, so it goes without saying that it's not the healthiest food choice. However, it was so satisfying that the 1/2-cup serving size was actually perfect, and I didn't end up eating it all in one sitting. I also loved the textures: creamy cheesecake gelato, gel-like raspberry swirl, and chewy graham cracker pieces on top. Seriously so delicious. I would buy this again and again.

Overall recommendation: would definitely recommend!

Ivory Soap
This soap's been around forever for a reason. Such a classic clean feeling, and it smells great. I briefly considered popping this bar in the microwave and doing the "Ivory cloud" sensory activity with my daughter, but I decided to be selfish and keep this soap for myself. It's great! Left me feeling nice and clean after my shower, and there was none of that filmy feeling like with some soaps. Also, this soap is budget-friendly! I have frequently darted straight for the Ivory when I'm out of my normal body wash between paychecks. Some bar soaps are $2+ per bar. Um, no! Bring on the Ivory.

Overall recommendation: would absolutely recommend.

Neosporin Neo To Go!
My finger has been a little irritated under my engagement ring lately, so I was willing to try just about anything on it. On one particularly irritating day, I remembered that I had my Neo To Go! in my purse. I decided to spray a little on, and my raw, itchy skin got instant relief. Since it's a spray, it also felt cooling. This is a pretty cool thing to have on hand, especially because my playground-loving daughter is in the toddler years, and I can foresee lots of scraped knees and elbows in her immediate future. I'm not sure this is something I would go out and buy, so it's nice to have gotten a free sample to try.

Overall recommendation: would recommend.

Puffs To Go!
I'm usually a Kleenex girl, so I was surprised to like these Puffs so well. Compared to the travel packs of Kleenex, these are SO much better. The packaging is thicker, so it didn't get punctured riding around in my messy purse. Also, the tissues are much sturdier and didn't crumble to dust after being jostled around. I'm always a fan of the boxes of Kleenex, but the Kleenex tissues in the travel packs are typically much flimsier. Sure, people compare me to a trumpet because I'm so rough blowing my nose, so I may have a biased stance. But, these Puffs passed the test for my nose-blowing. I'd buy these for sure!

Overall recommendation: would highly recommend!

Shell Rewards
I could take or leave this rewards program. 1. There's not a Shell super close to me, so driving out of my way to save 3 cents per gallon wasn't a huge draw for me. 2. I save more by cashing in my Speedy Rewards at Speedway and Fuel Points at Kroger. I'm sure it's a great option for others, but it's just not for me.

Overall recommendation: would not recommend.

And there we have it! Stay tuned for more Influenster product reviews from me in the future! I'm loving the free products I get through this company and will be reviewing my little heart out at every opportunity! Thanks for my #TLCVoxBox, +Influenster!!!

Want to learn more about how you can get started sampling with Influenster? Comment on this post, and I'll send you an invite! It's fun, fast, easy, and free!