Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kimmy's communication

Kimmy Jarae is now 17 months old (as of January 7). She completely blows my mind on a daily basis with all the things she knows!

Yesterday she kept following me around the house, wrapping her arms around my legs, and saying, "ohhhhh" while giving me the sweetest hugs. This afternoon when I turned on the TV for us to watch "Bubble Guppies" together, she said, "bow-buhl!" (I didn't even know she knew what that show was called!) Tonight she told me, "nye nye" before going to bed. She is full of these cute surprises lately!

I've tried to do a mental count of all the words she can say, but I can't seem to lock down a number. It's hard to differentiate words she says with words she knows. I truly feel that she understands almost everything I say to her, so how can I discount her a word just because she can't pronounce it yet? And then there are the words she knows, but just has sounds for. Example: she is OBSESSED with Curious George. She can say his name ("Jujjjj"), but she calls other monkeys "ah-ahs" because of the sound they make. She has obviously mastered the word...except for being able to say, "monkey."

Her nonverbal communication and movement are equally entertaining. I love the kisses she blows. (Well, really, she just kisses her hand and leaves it pressed against her lips, but it's a nice attempt.) She loves to wave, shrug, nod, dance, jump, spin, do assisted somersaults on the living-room rug, RUN, climb, clap, and close doors.

But my very favorite thing in her repertoire right now is the squeal of absolute delight that leaks out of her mouth when she hears the bath water running and knows she's going to get to play in the tub! She does a little dance, which is like a little stomping-in-place jig, and squeals and screams and laughs. Ultra cute!

I love my funny monkey! She is such a wonderful companion. She is loving and thoughtful, and she has a wicked sense of humor. I am blessed to be able to watch her learn and grow and take in the world. It's hard to believe she's almost 1 and a half! Love her so.

"Nye nye!"