Sunday, April 9, 2017

Good and bad

After a very introspective weekend, I have one conclusion: life is such a crazy--at times insane--mix of good and bad.

Opposite emotions exist in parallel, or they're intertwined. There's sadness, joy, loneliness, emptiness, happiness, and humor all at once. You can't have just one. You can't be all patched up and put together all the time either.

A house you love falls through: fear of the unknown.
A new opportunity presents itself: hopefulness.
Your kid acts up with a behavior you thought was old news: anger.
The love of your life puts you in the friendzone: loneliness.
You laugh at the most hilarious thing you've ever seen: joy.
You read something that breaks your heart: sadness.
You disappoint someone: self-guilt.
You kiss your daughter and feel your heart beat just a little harder: love.
You bask in the perfect spring weather and just smile: bliss.

All of these feelings are varying degrees of temporary. Some brief and some that come in waves for years.

Life is weird. All we can do is push through and support the people in our circles and search for happiness and hope to stay afloat. It's about the journey, right?

Goodnight, odd world.