Saturday, December 7, 2013

Friday's snow adventure

Friday was quite an extraordinary day. We had heard the weather forecast of Winter Storms Cleon and Dion all week, and, sure enough, we woke up to several inches of snow on Friday morning. IU hadn't cancelled classes, so I went about my business as usual and got ready for work.

7:00am rolls around, and Brooke (Kimmy's sitter, cutie Korbyn's mom) was running late. Understandably so, since the roads were AWFUL, and the snow was steadily coming down. We told her to take her time and not even worry about being late. (She made it here safely, thank god.) Meanwhile, Jarrell and I decided it would be foolish for me to drop him off at work and drive back across town to work, then come back out with Kimmy in the evening to pick him up. So, I rode the bus to work.

Now, the bus doesn't stop right at the Office of Admissions. It's about a 5-minute walk from the bus stop to work. Not a bad or strenuous walk in normal weather. Not such an easy walk in 4-and-counting inches of snow. Not only had I already made the 7-minute walk to the bus stop from our apartment, but now I had to walk in the snow some more to get to work.

I ended up being 10 minutes late, but here's the best part: I didn't have snow boots! I chose the pair of shoes with the best traction, given my track record of epic wipeouts in the snow. By the time I got to work, both shoes and socks were absolutely soaked. I had to take them off to let them dry. I even had to wring water from my socks. I was frozen all morning at work.

5 out of 11 of us showed up. It was an especially slow day, so it was easy to be there. All in all, an enjoyable Friday shift.

By the time I left, my socks and shoes were mostly dry. But guess what I did less than 2 minutes after leaving? Yep, stepped right in a puddle of slush. This time the snow was 7 inches and counting. I made it to the bus stop, caught the (heated--woo-hoo!) bus, and made the trek back up the hill to my apartment.

Whew! What an adventure. The babies, Brooke, and I bundled up, and we all drove to the leasing office so that I could drop off my rent check. (Thanks, Brooke!)

Once we got back home, I was feeling pretty over the snow, to be quite honest. But, this was my Kimmy's first big snow! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to bundle her up and go play in it! We ate lunch and did just that.

I took the obligatory indoor pictures of her all bundled up and layered in, stuffed like a sausage in her snow suit, face covered in Vaseline to prevent windburn. Then, out we went!

She was a little top-heavy in her gear and kept falling over. Haha! She didn't know what to think at first, but being creative and curious like the Kimmy always is, she started eating the snow and having a great time! We only stayed out about 15 minutes, but I know it completely made her day. I love making my girl smile.

Once we were inside, wet layers stripped and left in the bathroom to dry, we had a yummy treat. I had to carry on Gugs's tradition with my little miss. She used to always make us soup and hot chocolate after playing in the snow, so I did a toddler-friendly play on that for the Kim-bird: chocolate milk with a little egg nog! She loved it! We both took a long afternoon nap after our outdoor adventure--very enjoyable. 

Total snowfall: about 10 inches...maybe more, since I haven't been back outside to find out. It was definitely an unforgettable day, but I think I will just call off work next time!

More tales later.