Saturday, December 14, 2013

Picking and choosing

I am a constant observer. People-watching is actually one of my favorite hobbies. I find people very entertaining. Ah, the life of an introvert!

One of my most frequent observations is the pick-and-choosy-ness of people: more specifically, the die-hard following of one idea, juxtaposed with the blatant ignoring of one of its key components. It's a complex phenomenon, which always leads me to think, "What on EARTH is that person thinking?"

Need examples? No problem!
• exercising and eating healthy with a goal of reaching optimal health...while chain smoking on a daily basis
• strictly representing one political opinion without ever thinking through another alternative, when said alternative may negate the former idea
• complaining about never having any money, but constantly making stupid purchases like eating out every day
• religious denominations that are based solely on one idea from the Bible and pass said idea off as pure gold, while discrediting other denominations for being based on a different solitary idea...all while worshipping the same God
• being a germaphobe, but cleaning with germy things, like sponges and dish rags and dish towels and mops
• choosing one style of parenting and downing other methods, while having actually never tried them

That's all my sleepy brain can come up with right now, but there are actually zillions of other examples floating around in my head somewhere.

Anyway, I'm not saying I'm above the human tendency towards occasional hypocrisy. I'm simply pointing out an observation I see a lot.

I wonder what causes us to have such intense preferences for things? I wonder if some people realize they're ignoring key details in their quests for "the best _____" or "the most _____"?


In other news, I've been quite the dreamer lately, stewing on grand plans of novel-writing, children's-book-writing, re-honing my talent for sketching and watercolor, and learning to crochet. My problem is just that I never actually get started. If I were rich, I'd go on a writing retreat in some fancy-schmancy, tropical locale. Maybe I'd learn how to get started on item #1 or #2. One day.